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Strapi Integration

Strapi Logo

Strapi is a headless CMS that can be integrated with the Composable Frontends. This example requires NUXT 3 instance.

How to install

Add Strapi Nuxt module as a dev dependencies

pnpm add -D @nuxtjs/strapi

Update Nuxt config nuxt.config.ts

export default {
  modules: ["@nuxtjs/strapi"],

More about installation can be found HERE

Cases of use

Fetching and displaying single element

As a example we will add a global banner to our demo shop. At the beginning we created a single type on the Strapi collection, with fallowing fields

interface {
  text: string; // short input field - this will represent a text that we want to display in the banner
  color: string; // short input field - this will represent a color of the banner (this can be done also with color picker filed, but for this example we will use input text)

The next step is to create a banner component

<script setup lang="ts">
interface GlobalBanner {
  text: string;
  color: string;

const { findOne } = useStrapi();

const { data } = await findOne<GlobalBanner>("global-banner");
const bgColor = computed(() => data.attributes?.color || "#fff");
    <div class="text-center py-1" :style="{ 'background-color': bgColor }">
      {{ data.attributes.text }}

Now we can add our component to the layout. frontends/templates/vue-demo-store/layouts/default.vue

    <GlobalBanner />
    <LayoutHeader />
    <LayoutNotifications />
    <main class="mx-auto">
      <slot />
    <LayoutFooter />

Fetching and displaying pages


This example is written for the vue-demo-store template and assuming that you implemented Multiple CMS middleware

Create new collection type Page on the Stripe admin site with fields:

interface {
  text: string; // Content page
  seoUrl: string; // Page slug

Composable for resolving components

interface StripePage {
  text: string;
  seoUrl: string;
export function useSWStrapi() {
  const getPage = async (route: string) => {
    const { findOne } = useStrapi();
    const response = await findOne<StripePage>("pages", undefined, {
      filters: {
        seoUrl: route,
    return response;

  const resolveComponent = async (route: string) => {
    const page = await getPage(route);
    if (![0]) return null;
    return h("div", {},[0].attributes.text);

  return {

Provide Strapi resolver to the pageRenderMiddlewares

const { resolveComponent } = useSWStrapi();
provide("pageRenderMiddlewares", resolveComponent);
Strapi Integration has loaded