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Shopping Experiences

This guide will discuss how to use and customize Shopping Experiences in your Shopware Frontends project.

How it works

Shopping Experiences are implemented as a dedicated package that you can install in your project.

If your project is based on the Demo Store Template, that package is already installed. If you are using a custom template, follow the instructions in Install the package first.

Install the package

The @shopware-pwa/cms-base package provides an implementation of all default CMS components in Shopware's Shopping Experiences. It uses Tailwind.css syntax for styling. You will now use it to render a content page.

First of all, add the package to your project:

npm install -D @shopware-pwa/cms-base

Next, you need to register all components in its components/public directory globally. How to do it, depends on your environment. However, the package also comes with a nuxt module which does that for you. So in any Nuxt application, you can just add if to the modules section of your Nuxt config file:

/* nuxt.config.ts */

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  /* ... */
- modules: [/* ... */, "@shopware-pwa/nuxt3-module"],
+ modules: [/* ... */, "@shopware-pwa/cms-base"],

How to build Pages, Elements and Blocks?

Shopping Experiences has loaded