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Shopware Composable Frontends is Shopware's toolkit for creating platform-agnostic custom storefronts. The demo store implementation is based on Vue.js and Nuxt3.

How Shopware Frontends work?

Frontends is a collection of multiple packages that you can use to implement your custom storefront project.

Data Sources

Shopware 6 is considered one "supported" data source, but you can integrate any other data source you like - such as CMS or analytics. Shopware Frontends uses the Store API to connect with your Shopware 6 instance at runtime.


A big part (and a risk factor) of every custom storefront project is the implementation of domain-specific business functionality. That's why Shopware Frontends offers various packages that take care of some heavy lifting:

  • Routing
  • Shopping worlds (Shopware CMS) integration
  • Product searches and filters
  • Price formatting
  • Authentication & state handling

It also comes with TypeScript support.


You can decide to start from scratch and use no template at all, but we recommend looking at our Templates which are based on Nuxt.js and Tailwind CSS.

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