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Custom Products extension

The example explains how Custom Products feature is implemented in vue-demo-store template (already done), but also can be used as a guide how to deal with the process in any project.

Custom Products for Shopware 6 is an extension that is part of the Shopware Rise plan.

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Logic: Composable function

See the source code of useProductCustomizedProductConfigurator composable function.

The composable is a main place to keep the logic related to custom product features:

  • adds TypeScript types
  • stores the state
  • extracts the custom product's specific data
  • exposes method for adding to cart
  • serializes the state to be in a correct format for the request's payload (adding to cart)

Example of usage:


Works only if the useProduct is fulfilled and the product data is known. Typically on Product Details Page, when the product context is provided.

Visit the [useProduct]/packages/composables.html#useproduct) reference to see more details.

// useProductCustomizedProductConfigurator is autoimported
// in vue-demo-store template as it's located in ~/composables
const {
  isActive, // indicates whether product is empowered by Custom Products extension and active
  customizedProduct, // returns the custom product's template data
  state, // state to be used in option selector / forms
  addToCart, // triggers add to cart action (refreshCart() action invoked afterwards)
  handleFileUpload, // uploads an image, then gets mediaId from API and assigns it to the state
} = useProductCustomizedProductConfigurator();

Presentation: Vue component

See the source code of the ProductCustomizedProductConfigurator Vue component.

The component is responsible for:

  • Displaying product options in any type: text field, image upload, select, color select, image select (this one has to be fixed in the core to get the URL's of the images)
  • Showing corresponding additional price and currency of an option


Add the mentioned component in a template. For instance in <ProductStatic/> for templates that not come from CMS:

<!-- part of templates/vue-demo-store/components/product/ProductStatic.vue -->
<!-- Options -->
<div class="mt-4 lg:mt-0 lg:row-span-3">
  <h2 class="sr-only">Product information</h2>
  <div class="product-variants mt-10">
    <ProductPrice :product="product" />
    <ProductUnits :product="product" class="text-sm" />
    <ProductVariantConfigurator @change="handleVariantChange" />
    <ProductCustomizedProductConfigurator /> <!-- ADDED -->
    <ProductAddToCart :product="product" />

Overwrite a logic in <ProductAddToCart/> (or any other responsible for adding a product to cart in your template):

// part of templates/vue-demo-store/components/product/ProductAddToCart.vue;
// the <script setup lang="ts"> section
const {
  addToCart: customizedProductAddToCart,
  isActive: isCustomizedProductActive,
} = useProductCustomizedProductConfigurator();

const addToCartProxy = async () => {
  if (isCustomizedProductActive.value) {
    await customizedProductAddToCart();
  } else {
    await addToCart();

Used composable function allows to use addToCart() method and isActive computed property. Both are described in "Example of usage" chapter above.

There was a condition added to use a different method to add to cart a product if the product is enhanced by Custom Product template (how to set it up):

  • if the product has a Custom Product template, then use customizedProductAddToCart() method.
  • otherwise, don't change the adding to cart behavior and use the default one

Known issues

  • Missing images for "Image select" option type (reported in the extension repository)
  • Missing cover image (aka thumbnail) for Custom Product in the Cart (reported in the extension repository)
  • Display selected option for Cart Item (Issue reported)
Custom Products extension has loaded