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Breadcrumbs managing

In this chapter you will learn how to

  • Build breadcrumbs for static page
  • How breadcrumbs are built for CMS pages

Quick reference

Building breadcrumbs for a static page

    name: "Shopware",
    path: "/shopware",

Building breadcrumbs for CMS pages


Currently Shopware 6 API returns breadcrumbs without links. It means that breadcrumbs for a product and category page, are just a plain text.

Each CMS page contains the Category with breadcrumb array, which contains a list of names, like:

breadcrumb: ["Home", "Main navigation ", "Summer Party"]

we can convert current string array to the Breadcrumb object using getCategoryBreadcrumbs helper, and then pass it to useBreadcrumbs composable.

import { getCategoryBreadcrumbs } from "@shopware-pwa/helpers-next";

let breadcrumbs = getCategoryBreadcrumbs(

Clearing breadcrumbs list

It's important to clear breadcrumbs list when you leave the page, otherwise you'll see breadcrumbs from the previous page if your not setting them on that page.

const { clearBreadcrumbs } = useBreadcrumbs();

onBeforeRouteLeave(() => {

Displaying Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are stored in sharable variable breadcrumbs in useBreadcrumbs composable.

<script setup lang="ts">
const { breadcrumbs } = useBreadcrumbs();
      <li v-for="(breadcrumb, index) in breadcrumbs" :key="breadcrumb.path">
        <NuxtLink v-if="breadcrumb.path" :to="breadcrumb.path">
          {{ }}
        <span v-else>
          {{ }}
        <div v-if="index < breadcrumbs.length - 1"></div>
Breadcrumbs managing has loaded